about conceptual emptiness


“Void Fraction” (or in Portuguese, “Fração de Vazio”) is an authorial project focused on the aesthetics of abandonment and existential silence – characterized by being a photographic discourse that portrays the human forgetfulness, but not of nature. Moreover, it is a critical component in relation to the disregard for the preservation of the architectural memorial of historic places.

Phases I, II and III (Phase IV soon)
“Phase I” of this project was made in the city of Pripyat, in Ukraine. In 1986, according to several theories, the reactor 4 RMBK presented problems in the control rods and released radioactive material into the atmosphere – a major nuclear tragedy. It was the end of an urban project climbed on nuclear power held by the Soviet Union and the United States during the 90’s.
The “Phase II” was produced in the former worker village Maria Zélia, in São Paulo. Considered the first worker’s village in Brazil, the place was pulled down by the national heritage in 1992 – but it’s abandonment is almost as impressive as the buildings of Pripyat. “Phase III” was born in an old abandoned factory near the city of São Paulo. The textures are the same, the silence of towers cutting the landscape, the steeped and hidden history in the walls memories. They are characteristics of my aesthetic pursuit in photography: approach the architectural and historical differences of these places through the similar feature that they maintain over time.

The term “Fraction” appointing the photo galleries, means that the essays are part of the main theme (Void Fraction). The other term, “Fractal” (complex geometric patterns similar to each other), represents secondary essays, disconnected from the primary site subject.